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December 19, 2010

The site is about humanity in general. In this modern world of technology, travel, global diversities, life has become very interesting. We hardly find any time for ourselves understanding the true meaning of self. All are so busy knowing everything else, that we forget the core object of our presence in this life.

The core reason of building this site is to keep myself motivated and engage in activity that I like and enjoy. It may perhaps also benefit people who are in a confused state of mind.

My site sincerely respects all religions of the world. India is a very vast country and incredibly diversified in all aspects of life. No other country in the world is faced with such dynamic cultures, innumerable languages, beliefs, rituals and religions co-existing within a society. India is a composite world in itself.  You will find that my website speaks more about the way of life as observed by the Indians, especially Hindus.  As I believe, Hindu is not a religion, instead it is a way of life that accepts all aspects of other religions of the world.

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